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Pore Breathing Technique

“Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom,
Sharing it is the first step to humanity”

Online Guidelines
Before the session:
1. Freshen up, do a light set of exercises.
2. Wear a clean set of light colored cotton clothes.
3. Do not wear – Silk, synthetics, leather, including belts, rubber – on shoe soles, jewellery or crystals and watches too.
4. Those having any type of illness even cold, cough please do not attend.
Ladies who are menstruating can do a sex chakra sweeping 300 times before attending.
Non Pranic healers who are menstruating please do not attend.
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After the session :
1. Do a light set of exercises – Its a must.
2. Preferable to avoid taking bath / shower for 8 hrs.
3. Preferable to avoid drinking or eating COLD items for 2 hours.

Watch exercises to do before & after meditation

11 minutes of exercise before pranic healing meditation 👉

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We respect the concerns of our seniors on conducting classes Online
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